Youth the X factor for a changed society
The Changing Scenario : Let me remind the youth that one of the major reasons why IT (Information Technology) got tremendous success all over the world owing to fact that an IT co. was normally lead by a CEO who is used to be in his early thirties. Initially this age factor was a deterrent but then it turned into advantage which was converted into major economic growth for countries. Similarly I do see the trend in politics changing in a similar fashion all over the globe and yes India is not far behind.

Why not? For politics as a career option

For becoming a DR. Lawyer, CA or getting into any type of job you have to put in at least 5 to 10 years of practice or get experience to build and stabilize your career. Similarly is the case after choosing politics.

Into a profession or service you are directly and indirectly serving a limited population. Whilst being a politician you would be playing a major role, serving a larger population.

As we all know success rates are not guaranteed for any of the career options so then why do we expect 100% success from politics as a career option.

Anyway let us not shy away from the fact that in all types of careers office-politics play an important role. Then why not politics as a career option itself?

Why politics as a career option?

As youth aren’t we proud to be known as one who loves adventures, challenges, risks, is a go-getter, is committed, dedicated creative, innovative, does out-of-box-thinking and has high morals and values. World has become boundryless and we are facing very serious issues which in fact are challenging the very existence of mankind, from Economical Crisis to global warming to growing terrorism and obviously not to forget the basic issues of poverty, infrastructure, social injustice, gender biases and so on. Doesn’t it excite, challenge, pump-up your adrenaline and ignite you enough to take it head-on.

We talk of Janma Bhumi and Karma Bhumi but let me remind you of our Matru Bhumi. Normally we think of fulfilling the dreams of our father and mother. But the time has come to fulfill the dreams of people of our Mother-India.

Don’t we all dream to run Companies or Industries. But now let us dream to run States, Countries. This is the chance and joining politics is the first step towards building India of our dreams.

We all demand a better quality of life. May it be Security (finacial,social), Basic Amenities (water, electricity, roads, drainage), Law & order. But now this is the chance to change it to reality by actually taking it up on ourselves and make the society a better place to live in and not to forget it will give you utmost job satisfaction. Tomorrow our children would be proud of us and not call us a couch potato or fence sitter generation who just likes to sit, watch and comment. But they would get inspired and this wider participation would help further strengthening of our Nation building exercise.

So let us channelize our energies, knowledge and initiate a positive chain reaction.

Role of the Society :

Today there are plenty of youth who want to play active role in politics but do not know from where to start. Past few years in India we have started realizing the need for entrepreneurship development and have put up a robust ecosystem for the same due to which now we see a considerable jump in entrepreneurial ventures. Similar efforts are required to show the path to the youth.

The Dynasty factor in politics:- A wrong notion.

Why are we singling this just for politics? In fact dynasty factor is present in all professions may it be DR, Lawyer etc.. Let me give an eg. from bollywood industry. Yes it is easy or there is no entry barrier for the actor coming from a family background to get a break but to sustain s/he has to have the talent. Whilst even actors from totally non-filmy background are very successful because of there talent, likes of Sharukh khan or Akshay Kumar.

You ONLY can make a difference: – Just Do it

I would like to go beyond the normal appeal that pls go and vote. Because I am sure by now all of us have realized the power of voting. I would like to emphasis that pls vote on the basis of the candidate’s talent and not on basis of party or religion or caste. Your this mind set can change India’s Future.

You might consider that how can this make a difference? Well if everybody thinks on the lines of voting for the candidate with talent then gradually the political parties would understand that it is an eligible candidate who makes the party win. This step by you would immensely help to boost up courage/confidence in all those youth who want to get into active politics and shape India’s Future.

The power of one: – Be the ONE

Let me remind you that it was one single person Gandhiji and rest is history. Let us “Be the ONE”

Supplementary notes :

In IT we have a very popular series of dummy’s guide to programming, designing, etc..

Here is a dummy’s guide on How to become a successful politician?

Step -1 Stand up and voice your opinion, generate awareness, ignite minds. Step -2 Start representing or resolving issues, problems at local/grassroot level. Step -3 Start contesting in local elections (may it be your own society, area, club, village..) Step -4 Always deliver what has been promised as well as addresses the needs and necessities of your electorate. Step -5 The more you deliver you would garnish more and more support and these supporters would get in more supporters. This is like a chain reaction. Step -6 Let your Actions speak

Cheat codes for sure shot success.

When solving issues think of win-win solution and thus issues would be instantly resolved.

Deliver more then what is promised.I.e a successful product/service is that which not just takes care of Customer Satisfaction but goes a step further and gives Customer Delight. Here your customers are your electorate

Do not expect support from day one. First give and then ask. It is similar to that when you go out to sell a product or service you cannot expect that people will buy your product or service you have to give them demo etc. So in this case you will have to first address the needs, resolve issues, and help people. But once you have done this then rest assured people would openly support you and not only that they would in fact get more supporters for you

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