My Motivation
My passion for taking up challenges with additional social responsibility or cause highly motivates me. In my own small way I have been successful in building organisations with the above guidelines. Though what is written above is not a rocket science nor it calls for high intellect. In fact, it calls for just common sense. and the only thing required is that it should be done with honesty and dedication.
Today’s Scenario
  • Everyday we hear at least once a day that ‘Yeh to aisa hi hota hai, chalta hai, politicians are corrupt, police is corrupt, lawyers are corrupt, doctors are corrupt, the whole world is corrupt. When somebody tries to change the system or resist something going wrong, then he is told ‘Naya naya aya hai kuch din ke baada thand ho jayega’, if an honest officer resists corruption then he is told ‘Tu paise nahi lega to koi aur lega aur hamara kam karega’. In government organisations, if somebody wants to do new things for the betterment then he is told ‘Beta tu naya hai. Yahan tou aise his chalta hai. Kuch din ke baad tu seekh jayega, tu shanti ke kaam kar jaise apni system hai aur phir shyam ko ghar jaa kar biwi bache ke sath baith aur khel. Kaiko neta banane ki koshish karta hai. Pehle teri naukri sambhal, het sab karne ke kuch jyada paisa nahi milne wal hai’.
  • Luckily for me though I have heard these statements innumerable times still my ears have not become immune. I try my best to resist in whatever way possible. What I understand is that we have to get this system which is moving towards a negative direction into a positive direction which is a mammoth task but not unachievable. The only thing required is planning and execution (DO IT). We should have a simple policy of rewarding the doer by giving him credit and bringing in accountability and responsibility in the whole system. This requires high amounts of energy, will, innovation and thinking out of the box, passion – all of which is possessed by the youth. They have fire in the belly to prove themselves to the world. If guided well, then nothing can stop them from scaling new heights.
  • his can be done by plugging gaps. For example, our police force is overburdened because of the police-citizen ratio. At the same time, there are unemployed youth. So just by bridging this gap we are creating a win-win situation. The police force becomes stronger, more efficient while the youth get employment as a result of which they increase their worth and self esteem beside earning a livelihood. In the process, they also become a useful asset for the nation. A simple formula for channelising youth energy.
Want to achieve
I would use this platform to translate my dreams to action. It would help me to do things with an authority. It would give me a strong foundation to implement, execute and to do.
ember of the Khambatta family of ‘Rasna’ fame. Heading over three IT companies. Well- known figure on Ahmedabad’s IT landscape. Her company, Ecomm, was counted among the top five emerging enterprises of Gujarat when it was launched.
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  • Happy Birthday Our Dear Gujarat Thanks for all that you have given to us. Am proud to be a Gujarati & an Indian Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.
    Happy Birthday Gujarat
  • People power gave us world cup. People power gave us Self Governance (Independence). Now let US show People Power to get us Good Governance (anti-corruption).
    Anti Corruption
  • To all my FB friends, Who have always been a source of inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to me. You have always driven me to aspire, desire and pursue my goals and to reach new heights and strive to achieve more. All the information you share on your FB wall has always been informative, refreshing, entertaining and enlighting for me. Thanks for sharing it and wish that this virtual relationship and bonding grows stronger and stronger. Happy Friendship Day.
    Happy Friendship Day
  • Sum1-Part III Sumtimes Time makes us to forget to Smile & Sumtimes sum1′s Smile makes us to forget Time. So all the Time keep Smiling.
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  • Ek din haste haste Saagar ne nadi se pucha Akhir kab tak tum aise milti rahogi ? Naadi haske boli Jab tak tumhare mein “Mithash” nahi aayegi tab tak……. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Today since morning have received lots of sms talking, suggesting and pledging about friendship True or Real. Also thanks to face book our friend circle is ever growing. We either accept, find or make new friends and it always feels good to have lots of friends. Many Friends will say “I can understand your feelings” Real Friends will say “I can experience your feelings” True Friends will say “I can feel your feelings” But whatever it is I still consider all are my Best Friends ;
  • Some pursue happiness Other create it. Be the creator Wish u n urs a very happy n a prosperous 2011.
    Happy Prosperous
  • Nobody can go back n start a new begining but anyonce can start today n make a new ending Never-Ending wishes for this new year.
    New Year
  • Let us ” We the People” salute the nation with positive action and demostrate “People Power”.
    Vande Mataram
  • You have the freedom to choose your actions, You don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions : Happy Independence Day
    Happy Independence Day
  • Lok-Tantra says; For the people By the people Of the people Tantra says; “Not” For the people By “The-Way” people Of “Special” people Wake-up Jan-Tantra on Gan-Tantra day Let’s uphold the spirit of Republic day Bharat Bhaagya Vidhaata.
    Lok Tantra Says
  • The only thing which works forever is customer loyalty. It is more important to earn customer loyalty then to earn money. Becos money is a short term gain, whilst customer loyalty is a long term benefit. So let us focus on earning customer loyalty.
    Life Long Benifit