Contribution to the Society


Today Ruzan Khambatta is a regularly sought after speaker and panelist in the field of path breaking technology to Customer Relationship Management, Management Issues and amazes audiences –those willing to listen to Business ways of Ruzan Khambatta.


Ruzan is invited to judge various contests on Personality development Mgmt skills etc.


Ruzan is invited by various Universities as an Industry expert to examine student’s viva/practical papers.


Ruzan in her own way works in helping the mass movement for Women Empowerment. She sees to it that women are mobilized to understand, identify and overcome economical, social, professional hurdles. She firmly believes that small steps taken today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow for the rise of women hood may it be in physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual strata.


As Ruzan passionately and relentlessly works for women empowerment. She always emphasize that we woman are very good into multi-tasking and are best all-rounders, power play should be used for positive results. It is just the belief in ourselves that Yes “We can do it” give us the boost to take us through and with thumping success. She has always been a sounding board, inspiration and motivation for them. She guides them for their career, businesses or even for social issues which greatly empowers them. It gives them courage to stand-up for themselves, voice their opinion and excel in their field.


Ruzan also does mentoring for Budding Entrepreneurs at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship CIIE Indian Institute of Management IIM Ahmedabad, eDC- Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Delhi, TIE – The Indus Entrepreneurs, The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay, TATA NEN – The TataGroup & National Entrepreneurship Network, Sankalp Forum India’s social advisory and investment banking firms in the development sector With her mentoring sessions Ruzan has helped many entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs to start up, stabilize, overcome critical stages, grow and navigate their businesses. She has helped them to gain invaluable insights beyond their own education and experience.


Ruzan’s Giving Back To Society

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