• With all these years being a serial entrepreneur. There has been lot of learnings which has helped Ruzan to develop, improve, enhance and sharpen her skill sets, be an all rounder and do multi-tasking


    • Tasting success by building organizations/companies from scratch has lead her to take more risks in life with a firm belief that failure is the fertilizer for success, has made he an executioner and implementer and has built the mindset of Never, Never, Never ever give up.


    • She owes all he success to her team. It is always the team which wins. So team building has become her core strength.


    • Working on tight budget or budget constrains help her to think out-of-the-box solutions.


    • Achieving results or targets help to expand her capabilities, make her lead from front as well as at grass root level with a firm notion that “Do not Meet the target but Beat the target” which has been possible by optimizing on productivity and efficiency.


    • Meeting dead lines have become a way of life and helped her to develop hands on implementation quality as well as understand the value of commitment, accountability and responsibility.


    • A hands-on implementation style.


    • Creativity and Innovation is the sure shot way to beat competition. So she has a constant growing appetite to create innovate and technovate.


    • With the belief that Problems=Challenges and Opportunities have helped not just to overcome them but also to find new avenues to work on.


    • The challenging ability has greatly increased in Ruzan because when the whole world says that it cannot be done then she strives to do it and prove them wrong.


    • A strong business instinct.


    • Strong fundamentals in the domains of Strategy, Planning, Programming, Marketing, Sales, Systems Design


    • Always wanting to innovate, experiment unconstrained by convention


    • Ability to lead and direct a team.


    • A hands-on implementation style.


    • Short Tempered


    • Impatient
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  • Sum1-Part III Sumtimes Time makes us to forget to Smile & Sumtimes sum1′s Smile makes us to forget Time. So all the Time keep Smiling.
    Sum1-Part III
  • Happy Birthday Our Dear Gujarat Thanks for all that you have given to us. Am proud to be a Gujarati & an Indian Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.
    Happy Birthday Gujarat
  • You have the freedom to choose your actions, You don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions : Happy Independence Day
    Happy Independence Day
  • The only thing which works forever is customer loyalty. It is more important to earn customer loyalty then to earn money. Becos money is a short term gain, whilst customer loyalty is a long term benefit. So let us focus on earning customer loyalty.
    Life Long Benifit
  • Every person is unique. Find out that uniqueness n fill ur life with all colors of Joy, Happiness n Love 24×7. Happy Holi and colorful Dhuleti.
    Happy Holi
  • Dushera epitomizes triumph of god over evil. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing Victory to u always.
    Happy Dushera
  • Friends today on this mathematically unique day 11-11-11 let me share with u an invaluable Guru Mantra…. Life may not be the Party u hope for, But that doesn’t mean u stop Celebrating it. Always remember you are the DJ of your life. Spin it, Rock it, Live it, Enjoy it. U will always be a winner.
    Guru Mantra
  • To all my FB friends, Who have always been a source of inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to me. You have always driven me to aspire, desire and pursue my goals and to reach new heights and strive to achieve more. All the information you share on your FB wall has always been informative, refreshing, entertaining and enlighting for me. Thanks for sharing it and wish that this virtual relationship and bonding grows stronger and stronger. Happy Friendship Day.
    Happy Friendship Day
  • Ek din haste haste Saagar ne nadi se pucha Akhir kab tak tum aise milti rahogi ? Naadi haske boli Jab tak tumhare mein “Mithash” nahi aayegi tab tak……. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Happiness is nothing but manifestation of our imagination.
  • Nobody can go back n start a new begining but anyonce can start today n make a new ending Never-Ending wishes for this new year.
    New Year
  • People power gave us world cup. People power gave us Self Governance (Independence). Now let US show People Power to get us Good Governance (anti-corruption).
    Anti Corruption