• With all these years being a serial entrepreneur. There has been lot of learnings which has helped Ruzan to develop, improve, enhance and sharpen her skill sets, be an all rounder and do multi-tasking


    • Tasting success by building organizations/companies from scratch has lead her to take more risks in life with a firm belief that failure is the fertilizer for success, has made he an executioner and implementer and has built the mindset of Never, Never, Never ever give up.


    • She owes all he success to her team. It is always the team which wins. So team building has become her core strength.


    • Working on tight budget or budget constrains help her to think out-of-the-box solutions.


    • Achieving results or targets help to expand her capabilities, make her lead from front as well as at grass root level with a firm notion that “Do not Meet the target but Beat the target” which has been possible by optimizing on productivity and efficiency.


    • Meeting dead lines have become a way of life and helped her to develop hands on implementation quality as well as understand the value of commitment, accountability and responsibility.


    • A hands-on implementation style.


    • Creativity and Innovation is the sure shot way to beat competition. So she has a constant growing appetite to create innovate and technovate.


    • With the belief that Problems=Challenges and Opportunities have helped not just to overcome them but also to find new avenues to work on.


    • The challenging ability has greatly increased in Ruzan because when the whole world says that it cannot be done then she strives to do it and prove them wrong.


    • A strong business instinct.


    • Strong fundamentals in the domains of Strategy, Planning, Programming, Marketing, Sales, Systems Design


    • Always wanting to innovate, experiment unconstrained by convention


    • Ability to lead and direct a team.


    • A hands-on implementation style.


    • Short Tempered


    • Impatient
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  • Happiness is nothing but manifestation of our imagination.
  • The only thing which works forever is customer loyalty. It is more important to earn customer loyalty then to earn money. Becos money is a short term gain, whilst customer loyalty is a long term benefit. So let us focus on earning customer loyalty.
    Life Long Benifit
  • Dushera epitomizes triumph of god over evil. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing Victory to u always.
    Happy Dushera
  • Friends today on this mathematically unique day 11-11-11 let me share with u an invaluable Guru Mantra…. Life may not be the Party u hope for, But that doesn’t mean u stop Celebrating it. Always remember you are the DJ of your life. Spin it, Rock it, Live it, Enjoy it. U will always be a winner.
    Guru Mantra
  • People power gave us world cup. People power gave us Self Governance (Independence). Now let US show People Power to get us Good Governance (anti-corruption).
    Anti Corruption
  • Vijaya Dashami proves: ADHARM pe DHARM, BURAI pe ACCHAI ANYAY pe NYAY, aur JHUT pe SATYA ki VIJAY In the same spirit Victory to U always.
    Vijaya Dashami
  • Sum1 Part2. If sum1 cheats on u Do not think u r a fool. It is just that u trusted sum1 more then what s/he deserved. Still DO NOT STOP Trusting.
    Sum1 Part-II
  • Happy Birthday Our Dear Gujarat Thanks for all that you have given to us. Am proud to be a Gujarati & an Indian Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.
    Happy Birthday Gujarat
  • Let the divine light re-energize ur soul, thoughts, hope, faith, dreams & desires. Wishing u & urs a peaceful & prosperous new year.
    Prosperous New Year
  • Every person is unique. Find out that uniqueness n fill ur life with all colors of Joy, Happiness n Love 24×7. Happy Holi and colorful Dhuleti.
    Happy Holi
  • Let us ” We the People” salute the nation with positive action and demostrate “People Power”.
    Vande Mataram
  • Women are Go Givers so that Men can be Go Getters. Happy Woman’s Day.
    Women’s Day