Fuelling Growth
Fuelling growth with bio-fuel Jatropha Bio diesel
In an age where concerns about rising fuel prices and dwindling energy resources are making headlines around the world, the value of using renewable and eco-friendly fuels has gained wide prominence.

If we talk of education, empowering the youth and India as a developed country then energy is the basis of a flourishing economy and sign of progress. If the youth today is unable to access computers in the world of information technology then he is not geared to meet the challenges of the current century.To give him this platform it is necessary and almost basic to provide energy to access education that will empower him to march into the next century.

In an era when we are talking about health and women empowerment we need energy to promote these. Dispensaries in villages need energy for small things like preservation of vaccines; women need energy for basic amenities.

These facets of society are the core of the nation’s progress and energy is at its core. Only then can we have a vision of modern developed India. With these points in mind I feel the necessity of coming up with a small pilot project which may do wonders if implemented correctly.

We would set-up a pilot project of Jatropha Curcas Cultivation for modern day Bio-diesel. The cultivation of Jatropha Curcas neither requires special soil nor much care or fertilisers. So this makes it a cost effective project. The project can be put up on a public-private-partnership, a co-operative society model. Through this we would be able to generate Bio diesel and its by-products. Thus slowly our nation can become self sufficient, self reliant and not require to import fuel. This in turn would stop outflow of our foreign exchange. Whilst our barren lands would be efficiently used and youth would get employment and become self sufficient. Thus a positive cycle would be evolved. Once this pilot get successful we can scale this project as well as replicate the model pan India.


This is my Vision

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