The journey from beginning with virtually no end
The best part about how this narrative came into existence is that a few of my friends asked that “Are you back” so I just answered them with 2nd last para “The most Challenging part”. Then they told that this is the end. They wanted to know the beginning. So this is the 1st time wherein the end was written first and then I wrote the beginning. So here it goes…

The journey from beginning with virtually no end A vacation does not begin from the day it starts but it begins from the day u start planning and does not end on the day u return or u revert to your routine activities which does not just include physical activities but also your mental state. But actually it ends on the day when u start planning for the next.

The Final Countdown One is always excited and looks forward to go on a holiday. Desiring to have fun, unwind, fool around, merry making and enjoy. May it be for a week or more. The countdown starts a few days before. The best part of going on a holiday (this also is true if u r out on a business trip) is that you tend to complete alllllllll your pending work. Also those which u normally procrastinate.

The D day YES this is the time u were waiting for. Initially you think that u r going to unwind, and enjoy. But then u realise that nooooo relaxation is nowhere on your agenda. You want to do too many things and all at the same time. You try to paint the town red and go on revelry. So u get physically and mentally exhausted either traveling or doing shopping or sight seeing or planning what to do and not miss a single moment. But still you think you are having fun as exertion takes a back seat over the thrill of enjoyment..

Five senses For once you also start realising that your five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch which were not being consciously used are now being used up to its max potential and u feel stimulated and exhilarated. Your mind-body-soul gets refreshed and enliven. Oops i forgot the 6th sense. But Naah for me it does not work.

The Journey Within

During long journeys the traveling time gives u ample of opportunity to retrospect which makes you nostalgic and leaves you reminiscing. The most important aspect is that you also start contemplating and introspecting which helps you to puts lots of things in perspective and is like a much needed exercise for your mind and soul.

Food fantasy manifesting Now the best part. You start bingeing on food and yes the guilt is always there that u r stuffing and loading. This guilt creeps in after u have overeaten and it disappears as soon as u see/smell food. With a consolation that once u return then dieting/exercise kar lenge. So this thought also gives a license to gorge on food.

Balancing work and play Then suddenly if you receive some telephone/sms or check your mail which makes you remember your work then your mind gets diverted which robs you of your so called revelry. But fortunately it is temporal becos you would at once act on it and bring it to some logical conclusion. Which then justifies that you are not just holidaying but also am as responsible towards your work.

The reverse countdown After a few days, u start getting saturated with your daily activities as well as get satiated with food (mind u but that does not mean u stop to shop or eat). So now slowly you start doing countdown of your return with the thought process of enjoying everything and considering it as your last activity and last meal. Which again boosts you up. You do feel rejuvenated. And finally with equal zeal you are back.

The most Challenging part After a satisfactory vacation once u return, neither u r in a state to work nor u r in a state to relax. You hit state Zero. The feelings of guilt of taking an extended holiday forces u to work harder whilst the holiday habits, fun time and physical, mental tiredness and exhaustion urges u to relax. Finally u end up doing neither and u just become a zoombie. U try to fight with yourself to over come the laziness which has now become profound. Then you slowly get into mode of acclimatization. And have no choice as it becomes “Daal roti ka sawal hai”. Finally u get back to your original state. As we all know that nothing is permanent.

The end with a new beginning The best part is that it is never ending. Cos u again start planning for a new one and it goes on.

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