How to Create World Class Things
We are here to create world class things.

After reading these above statement tell yourself honestly what you think about it. Pls. be honest with yourself…

Well I know you are considering that you are an ordinary person how you can achieve something extraordinary.

My friend this is not your mistake. our systems are responsible for making us feel that for doing something extraordinary- world class one requires to be vvintelligent, vvlucky.YOU ARE WRONG.
Pls. read thoroughly what is written below. Everything that is written is a practical and not theory taught in mba. At the end of the mail the formula is given. Being true to your heart follow it and you can create world class things.

I am sure we all are ordinary people but ordinary people with extra efforts can only create extraordinary things. So we already have that ordinary element in us. In fact god has given this ordinary element to everybody. Now it is on us to put that extra and create something EXTRAORDINARY.

I recollect when I was struggling I used to tell people to give me a chance to prove myself. I used to go that extra mile have done lot of hard/smart work and even done things free of cost to prove my worth. In fact you all should consider yourself lucky to get a chance to prove your worth without much struggle to get it. But to hold it one has to prove himself daily and put in extra efforts, gain knowledge on daily basis. Do new things on daily basis. Take up challenges on daily basis and believe me you would fail on the first instance so that does not mean that you leave it. It means that you have to work harder to achieve it. So you should have that substance, willpower, determination in you to achieve it. Then only you can be that extraordinary person doing extraordinary things.

I always used to consider that I have to do lot of things in life and to achieve that I have less time. So let me use my time wisely. I consider that this is the age to work and prove it to to ourselves as well as the world that I AM THE BEST. In fact once you start achieving it you will get addicted to it. Your parents, family and friends would feel proud about you. Nothing is impossible in life. It is just that one has to work hard and apply himself 110% to achieve it. We are in such a field that we require to update ourselves on daily basis. In fact we have chosen this field becos we love to update ourselves on daily basis otherwise we could have got into a routine job like accounts or admin etc. So after choosing this field if we stop updating ourselves then your whole career path goes for a toss. As our job profile calls for updating ourselves. We should at least keep 2 hrs in a day to learn new things and this calls for hard/smart work. This calls for putting that EXTRA .But without extra you cannot create anything extraordinary. I recollect that I was called an antisocial person in my house. I never used to go for movies nor even holidays with my parents. I used to consider all that waste of time and energy. For me learning new things is my movie doing new things is my holiday and this doing something extra makes a person extraordinary. Believe me after doing something extraordinary you would enjoy that movie or holiday more and infact you would feel that you deserved it. My family used to grumble about it but when I made them understood this that this is my age to work and prove myself they gave me all the support and today they are proud of me. So without family support you cannot achieve anything in life so it is necessary that there support is with you.

We have to prove ourselves daily. We all know that work is worship. I am one of those lucky people who are doing things which I consider my work, my hobby and my passion. I am sure you also have chosen this line becos you like it and am not forced into it. If you are forced into it then my sincere advice is to

Get out of it as soon as possible otherwise you would make a mess of your career. But be assured that anythig that you do in your life pls see that you have a passion for it otherwise you would have to leave things and never achieve anything. So just being excited for doing something new doesnot mean that you are passionate about it. Also if you have not been able to cope with your old career means that you have not applied urself to it. So donot run away from it. People never get success at one go. One has to keep on trying and then only success would be achieved. So just jumping careers is not your key to success. So take a matured decission.

At the end I would say that pls. do not let this chance slip out from your hand. Anywhere you go in life you would have to do this only. you all will have to put in something extra then only you would be able to create something world class.

Two things to remember :
  • Just ask yourself daily when you go to sleep that what have you achieved for the day and if you get a negative reply that means you have to work harder and if you get a positive reply that means you have to work harder to better it. Compete with yourself on daily basis.
  • Make it a habit. Ask yourself when you take up any task that what value addition (something extra) that you have done/should do to that task and believe me whatever task you do in your life will be WORLD CLASS

Just a simple e.g. of value addition. If your parents ask you to prepare tea and with tea if you also serve them biscuits won’t they be happy with your value addition? If you add some flavor of cinnamon, kesar or cardamom would they not appreciate it? And you know after doing this you would feel a great level of SATISFACTION. Yes this is value addition and see such a positive cycle. Your parents are happy with you for serving such a world class product you have done something extra and made something extra ordinary and you are satisfied with yourself. This would also boost your self confidence and motivate you to give better value additions every time.

  • Hard/smart work (There is no substitute for hard/smart work)
  • Perseverance. (Try and try and do not get dejected/disheartened)
  • Value addition (Make this a habit in whatever you do in life.)
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