Competitors Copying us
Always remember that we have to prove ourselves daily. So if our competitors copy us then we will have to innovate and move ahead. So competitors copying, encourages us to do something again different and that leads us to again create a new thing and thus the positive cycle goes on. We are the leaders and they are the followers.

I am sure if competitors would not copy us then it can be the reason that we would become lazy and not innovate and that would lead to our stagnation and also we would not get the confidence and leadership etc etc. So I really really wish that our competitors should copy us.

But we should remember one thing that we cannot rest on our old laurels. Becos the day we do that then we do loose out and though we are the originals and somebody has copied but still the copied thing would have much demand then the original. So one has to take extra care of that also. This is a vimp pt and one should not forget it.

There is constant need to create and innovate then only a co. Can survive. This is what we are here in the co. for and in fact this is what we call challenging. OK.

I love competitors copying us for the following reasons :
  • It proves we have done something worth copying
  • It proves we are the leaders
  • It gives us more confidence in our abilities
  • An indirect word of encouragement
  • Motivates to perform better
  • Is a feather in our cap
  • Pushes us to always innovate
  • As it is copied it can reach to a larger audience which we cannot/unable to address. At least those people can also be benefited if not directly via us then may be indirectly. So we are contributing to the benefit of mankind.
  • Some masala for our bio-data/autobiography.
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