Child – Education System – Competition
A lot has been talked about stress, pressure, education system etc.. Today’s child as such grows up very fast and has all the worldly knowledge at a very young age. So let us not under estimate them. A child who is in 10th is of approx age 16 and in the next 2years when s/he becomes 18. They get the license to drive, right to vote. Which it self shows the trust and responsibility bestowed on them.

Let me remind you all that the credit for India being a fast developing country and now moving towards being super power goes to its people, its systems, its processes. Why we Indians are giving tough competition to the whole world in practically all the fields. May it be in sports, business, music, acting. It is becos of the competitive spirit, the potential to excel under pressure which has been imbibed in us from our child hood.

India just celebrated its 60th Republic day with a staggering 51 percent of its population of 1.1 billion people under 25 and two-thirds under 35. By 2020, the average age of an Indian is expected to be 29 years, compared with 37 for China and 48 for Japan. As with Day there is night. With Happiness there is sadness. Similarly Stress. Pressure, Problems are a part and parcel of life. So let us see that we prepare our youth to be more competitive and how to cope up with stress, pressure and how to overcome hurdles and problems and also convert them into challenges and opportunities.

We all have studied Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” due to which mankind came into existence. It is just the competition which derives the best from us. A rough diamond can only shine if it is polished hard. In fact the competitive pressure makes us run that extra mile. Pushes us to attain new frontiers. Competition encourages us to do something different and that leads us to be creative and innovative.

If competition is not there then it will lead to stagnation of mankind. So let us not kill the competitive spirit or be responsible for building up an impotent society. But yes it is true that we do have to be more sensitive towards it.

It is a natural phenomena that everybody has expectations from each other. May it be a Parents-Child, Teacher-Student, Husband-Wife, Employer-Employee relation. So it is important that how one handles the relation and gets best result out of it instead of bull-dozing it.

Since childhood we were taught these 3 golden rules. 1. Failure is fertilizer for success 2. Never be serious but be sincere 3. Give your 100%

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